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weakling – Elephant


Australian producer weakling returns this week with his latest tech-house track ‘Elephant’, which also comes with a self animated & directed video featuring the artistic talents of Joe Baker.

weakling’s set himself the challenge of making an instrumental track using only sounds found in nature, with the aim to express the same emotion it would if he used the usual human vocal sounds.

“The idea of using samples of Elephants came to me after visiting Beijing Zoo on holiday. There was a small enclosure for a single Elephant and he was screaming in distress – his screams were pretty horrific actually. I wanted to sample these sounds because they were more aggressive than any Elephant sound I’d ever heard, and while this has come from something so cruel, I’m able to tell the world of this small Elephant’s turmoil at the hands of man.” – weakling

weakling has stylistically based the video as an animated tribute to the VHS fantasy renaissance of macho cartoons (Heavy Metal, Thundercats, He-Man), and it stars a sick alien warlord and his enslaved & mistreated Elephant.

The track itself is a grinding blend of big heavy beats, skittery cymbals, a thumping production and those heart wrenching elephant cries, as it treads a thin line between tech-house and flat-out techno.

‘Elephant’ is available now for free via weakling‘s soundcloud page.