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Vincent Coleman – 9 Islands

Vincent Coleman_artwork

9 Islands is the stunning debut album from Los Angeles born & bred electro-soul producer Vincent Coleman, a nine-track collection of his most precious works to-date which have been significantly inspired by the power of honesty, eclecticism and the overall beauty of music itself.

His debut album explores the journey of falling in love and being forced to face your deepest fears. Each of its tracks represents a different “island” that we all eventually need to concur in order to survive; sexuality & intimacy, emotional imbalance, loss & loneliness, overcoming your fears and ultimately finding that one true love.

“As well as my own life experiences, I was also inspired by a quote from a book called ‘A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose’ in which its author Eckhart Tolle describes the molecular structural changes some rocks go through in order to become diamonds or crystals, which for me was similar to my process of facing my fears in order to become a better artist, songwriter and human being. This inspired me to become more vulnerable than I had ever been before in my songwriting, in addition to pushing me out of my comfort zone to create new sounds, explore new musical terrains, and challenge myself vocally” – Vincent Coleman

With a variety of influences ranging from Arcade Fire to TV on the Radio, Björk to St. Vincent, Glass Animals to Seal, Vincent Coleman brings a unique and original perspective to his songwriting and his music, an ornate artistry that comes straight from the soul.

Treat yourself both aurally and emotionally with an exploration into Vincent Coleman’s 9 Islands, available from iTunes on November 19.