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Taka Perry – ‘Fishy’ (ft. Jimmy Davis)


Sydney producer Taka Perry shares his new single today ‘Fishy’ featuring the sultry vocals of upcoming Australian singer/songwriter Jimmy Davis.

Using the clever metaphor of a hook-and-line to explore a capricious love with a colourful arrangement of dark, metallic synths alongside kooky, playful instruments gives the track an interesting spin on a much told story.

“Jimmy and I wrote ‘Fishythe day we met each other. I met Jimmy through a mutual friend and we decided to jump into my studio and see what we could come up with. Jimmy had the lines ‘she reels me in and casts me out, with the hook still in my lip written in his notebook, and the track naturally wrote itself from there.” – Taka Perry

While beginning soft and slow, the track warps and culminates into a synth-heavy climax that is given depth and emotionality from Davis’ raspy croons. But Perry’s presence is still felt all the way through; abstracting Davis’ vocals and employing a soft melody with a Guzheng. But the coda falls back to a gentle prowl, the track coming full circle, as though the pining lover will allow themselves to be ‘caught’ again.

‘Fishy’ is available now on iTunes and Spotify, and for a limited time you can also grab yourself a free download via Taka Perry’s Soundcloud.


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