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Sterling Silver – Closer to Me

Sterling Silver – Closer to Me

After releasing a few stellar remixes over the last few months, Brisbane producer Sterling Silver is now sharing his exciting new original tune, ‘Closer to Me’.

Sterling Silver has spent the last few years behind the scenes as a co-writer/producer, collaborating with a few fellow Aussie artists like Tyler Touché, Luke Million, Young Franco and YesYou. During this time he continued to work on his own material, slowly compiling a little collection of tunes that he would soon be happy to share with us all.

‘Closer to Me’ easily became his first choice; its infectious summery-groove flows seamlessly well with its deep beckoning vocals and rhythmic production. It’s then injected with a sensual female vocal, a layer of tropical percussion, and a thumping house beat that will have you clawing for the nearest dancefloor.

“Closer to Me is about the tension and the longing for intimacy between two people. I wanted to take that sentiment and infuse it into a 90s house feel and create the perfect late night club vibe” – Sterling Silver

You can get a free download of ‘Closer to Me’ until its official release on July 13. It will then be followed by two very impressive remixes by Akouo and Mark Maxwell.