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Rooms – Stars Beyond

Rooms - Stars Beyond

‘Stars Beyond’ is the latest single from a psychedelic-pop duo out of Sydney who go by the name Rooms, and with inspirations like Caribou and Tame Impala, we can expect this to be one hell of a treat.

Declan & Stuart (of Rooms) wrote, recorded and produced this new track in their home studio, using stacked-up cardboard boxes against the walls for sound treatment. They really enjoy experimenting with all sorts of weird sounds, both natural and synthetic, so they added in as many different elements to the song as possible, before stripping it down piece by piece until they had something they were both completely satisfied with.

“From our electronic endeavours writing beats in the box, we wanted to make something grand with real instruments. Once the founding chords and melodies were matched with a down-tempo groove, we knew the song needed to be atmospheric, orchestral and grand” – Rooms

‘Stars Beyond’ is in fact quite atmospheric and grand. It’s cinematic elements blend seamlessly well amidst a backdrop of colourful psychedelic sounds, airy guitars, washed out keys and warm endearing vocals.

“This track was written in the style of a love song. It pays homage to old medieval modal music by using religious imagery to explain how science can show you the answers to the stars in a world where the church controls information” – Rooms

‘Stars Beyond’ is available now from iTunes and on Spotify, and for a limited time you can get a free download via the Rooms Soundcloud page.