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ROIS – Love High EP

Rois - Love High

Love High is the debut four-track EP from ROIS (pron. Royce), a new collaborative project by Vincent Coleman and Nickolas Hughston, giving us neat little collection of their soulful/electro/R&B-pop sound.

Vincent and Nickolas got together in 2014 and started playing around with a few ideas. With their combined influences of soul, experimental R&B and electronic pop, it didn’t take them long to find their groove as they gave birth to three incredible new productions; ‘Running to the Sun’, ‘Love High’ and ‘You Make Me (Get Down)’, as well as a very sensual cover of Sade’s 1985 hit, ‘Is It a Crime’.

Vincent Coleman’s hauntingly sensual voice weaves its way throughout Nickolas Hughston’s sophisticated playground of electronic sounds. Layered textures, atmospheric percussions and those impeccably smooth vocal harmonies, gives the EP its self-proclaimed “wavvy feel”, as it takes us on an exhilarating journey through its lush electronic pastures.

“Love High is best describe as a journey from the deepest parts of your soul to the widest parts of your heart, and across the limitless expansions of your mind. We feel we’ve created a sound that is both modern and pure, driven with a fearless vulnerability that will leave you wanting more” – Rois

Love High EP is available now from iTunes and on Spotify.