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Ren Riz – Every Time EP

Ren Riz - Every Time EP

Every Time is the brand new EP from Melbourne electronic producer Ren Riz, the follow up to his highly praised 2012 Daydream EP, and the first to come from his own recently founded label, Casual Sparks.

The EP’s four-tracks see Ren pairing contemporary live instrumentation with sassy 90s R&B vocal samples, delivering an assembly of smooth soulful hooks that are laced with hints of sublime nu-disco feels, and set against a stimulating backdrop of classic house beats.

Originally from Tasmania, Ren Rizzolo moved to Melbourne in 2009 where he began the transition from dabbling in hip-hop breaks, to mastering in sensual deep-house grooves. Ren has since been focused on refining his sound, drawing on the influence from some of his favoured peers including BicepTodd Terje andMoon Boots, as he adds to his already modest catalogue of original works with his inspiring new four-track EP.


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