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Rachel By The Stream vs Men Imitating Machines – Crashland

Rachel By The Stream vs Men Imitating Machines

Two Australian groups, Rachel By The Stream and Men Imitating Machines, have teamed up for an exciting collaborative single called ‘Crashland’, taking us on a nice little romp through some playful, electro dance-pop sounds.

Rachel by the Stream and Men Imitating Machines met almost a year ago while performing at a warehouse party in Melbourne. They hit it off instantly, both having an existing knowledge and appreciation for each others’ music, which led to a nerd-out session over their gear and creative processes. Pretty soon the idea of collaborating was thrown on the table and they decided it was something that just had to happen.

“In our first meet up Men Imitating Machines started jamming out on a groove while we played around with percussion and added in vocal ideas. The lyrics and melody fell into place really easily, and the first demo of Crashland was laid down in just a few hours. We then took the recording into the studio and got to work refining it with producer Matt Coldrick.” – Rachel By The Stream

“The idea for the music video rose out of the lyrics, which were inspired by a painting in the Melbourne warehouse where we have our music studio. The painting depicts a plane crash in a neon cartoon jungle and we wanted to recreate this jungle vibe in an imaginary landscape that we could explore and have fun with” – Rachel By The Stream

‘Crashland’ is available now through UK label BitNormal Records, along with it two remixes by Norwegian producer Ampro and Melbourne bass-act Kayboku.


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