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Passerine – White Shadows and Grey Noise


Melbourne trio Passerine take us a little deeper into their world of galactic-soul sounds this week with a grand new electro-beat track called ‘White Shadows and Grey Noise’.

The foundation of this song came about one day while Passerine’s Ben Murphy was playing around a bunch of production techniques he’d dabbled with in the past. He had no real intention of creating anything out of this little session, but as he began building on this chorus of synth with a pulsing triple-beat pattern, he noticed something quite cool and exciting was beginning to unfold.

Band-mates Alex and Phoebe loved this new idea right from the moment they heard it. The combination of those big pulsing beats with the sad, uneasy chords were taking them all to a place where they felt they needed to be, and it wasn’t until later on in the recording process that they realised that it had taken them all to the same emotional destination.

“To me this track felt like anxiety. That inner dialogue you hear, telling you that you’re no good, questioning your every move…. I was doing a meditation course at the time and came across a great quote, along the lines of, “we’d feel much better about ourselves if we could hear the voices of doubt in all the other people around us”. That really stuck with me and I pretty much based the entire song around that idea” – Phoebe

“It’s strange how this became the “anxiety song”, I suppose on varying levels it’s a shared experience everyone has to deal with. In the beginning I wasn’t sure whether this would be a “Passerine-song” as I explored these themes on my own, but when I put it up as an option for the band, Phoebe discovered that concept all on her own and ran with it” – Ben

As the steady beat of ‘White Shadows and Grey Noise’ rolls out in a fluidic motion, it’s then met by an infectious layer of sampled vocals and steady, echoing synths. Phoebes gorgeous voice then reaches out and takes us by the hand, leading us into a realm of comfort and awareness, a place where you can sit in the corner and lament or set yourself free and let your body move to the sounds.

‘White Shadows and Grey Noise’ is available now from iTunes or Spotify, and for a limited time you can also score a free download via Passerine’s Soundcloud.