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Passerine – ‘Undergrowth’


Melbourne trio Passerine are set to release their new track ‘Undergrowth’ — a richly layered electronic track that blends blissful, orchestral arrangements with intricate electronic loops and synths.

‘Undergrowth’ is one of those special tracks that seem to create themselves organically and effortlessly. Passerine’s vocalist and songwriter Phoebe, grew the lyrics whilst on her own in the forest, taking inspiration from the forests own life cycle.

“I wrote lyrics about how the forest life cycle is similar to a relationship — we start at the top, fresh and green and new and eventually wind up on the ground where it gradually rots away. I think the song encapsulates that feeling of wanting to go back to the beginning of a relationship and that feeling of when you look back on a relationship at it’s end, how things often look better in hindsight. The good times become better. You yearn for them. You forget the bad stuff. The reasons you left. But in reality, everything must end.” – Passerine

These pensive lyrics are coupled with soft, intimate instrumentals that while delicate, culminate into an expansive, emotive climax. Bellowing drums, dramatic strings and sentimental vocals that glide unbounded and free — ‘Undergrowth’ is an enigmatic and masterful track that encapsulates Passerine’s talent for marrying diverse sounds and tones.

“I really love this song because I feel like it came from a really pure space, artistically. It fell out of me. It was effortless.” – Passerine

‘Undergrowth’ is available now on iTunes and Spotify through Bag of Fox Records, and you can also score a free download via their Soundcloud page where you’ll also find recent singles ‘White Shadows & Grey Noise’ and ‘Synthetic Heart’.

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