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Passerine – Look Up Remixes

Passerine - Look Up Remixes

Back in September we were treated to a dynamite new single from Melbourne trio Passerine, it was called ‘Look Up’ and this week they are very excited to be sharing three very cool and very different remixes of it with us.

“After releasing Look Up in September and performing it live on tour, we decided to hit up a few friends to see if they’d be keen to do their own spin on it. Previous UK collaborator Dolo Jones kicks the track into solid grooving house territory while local legend Ben Houghton keeps the 909s going with a touch of his own classic disco-house sound. The third one comes from BenAtWork, the solo project of our very own production wizard Ben Murphy. He whipped up his “angry energy” take in just one day, and it’s full of dirty bass lines and hefty vocal processing on broken beats” – Passerine

All remixes are available to download for free via Passerine‘s Soundcloud page.