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Nick Pes – Under The Light

Nick Pes - Under The Lights

Sydney singer, songwriter and producer Nick Pes is excited to share the Josh Harris directed music video (known for his work with Gang of YouthsBrendan Maclean) for his great new single, ‘Under The Light’, the next track to fall from his upcoming debut EP.

“Josh and I have been friends for years and I’ve wanted to work for him forever, I played him the track and he came back with the idea for the video and I loved it. I flew down to Melbourne and we shot it all in one weekend.

The track is all about this tiny moment right before you act, when you’re trying to figure out if it’s the right time to tell someone you like them, and so the video plays with that idea of limbo, of being stuck in that moment, stuck in that state of everlasting uncertainty” – Nick Pes

‘Under The Light’ is available now from iTunes and on Spotify.