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Midnight Pool Party: If You Were Mine (Baby) (Young Franco & cln Remixes)

Midnight Pool Party - If You Were Mine (Baby) Remixes

Today marks the official release of ‘If You Were Mine (Baby),’ the latest single from Sydney disco-funk duo Midnight Pool Party, which comes with two superb remixes by two very talented Australian producers, Young Franco and cln.

cln draws ‘If You Were Mine (Baby)’ into a majestic world of downtempo bliss, as he manipulates the track with layers of ornate synth, soothing electronic beats and his unique, elegantly executed production style.

Young Franco guides ‘If You Were Mine (Baby)’ back onto the dancefloor with an all-out invasion of bouncing disco-house flavoured beats, inspiring production techniques and a bombardment of infectious, feel-good vibes.

Featuring the masterful mixing skills of Australian producer Luke Godson (of Luke Million & The Swiss), ‘If You Were Mine (Baby)’ tells its tale of an old-school romantic sensibility, and the constant daydream of someone you wish you’d had.