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LJ Hawk – High (ft. Ash)

LJ Hawk - High (ft. Ash)_facebook

‘High’ is the latest single from a new Australian house project called LJ Hawk, who is delivering an infectious new housey tune that features the voice of a Sydney-based soul/R&B/jazz singer known as Ash.

LJ Hawk takes us on a dreamy exploration through soft housey beats, smoldering synths and deep bass atmospherics, as Ash’s voices lifts our spirits high as we embrace a euphoric sense of elation. The track highlights a burning desire to be with a certain someone and staying connected to their spirit. It’s breathes warm summery sounds, and there really is no better way to enjoy this type of music than to just close your eyes and let it vibe-away.

“I had been tinkering with a lot of sounds and song’s in the studio, doing my best to explore each of the elements in the hopes of learning more about what I love listening to in other people’s music, and then working it into my own. When I first heard Ash’s voice on some demo’s, I knew her style & sound would align really well with some of the deeper house track’s I had been working on.

We got together and began fleshing out an idea, which quickly blossomed into the finished product of ‘High’. I love how it turned out – it just seems to sway perfectly in the breeze” – LJ Hawk

‘High’ is available now through Sunstroke Recordings, along with a ‘Bobbin Head Remix’ by Australian house producer Husky.


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