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Litche – ‘Will You’ (ft. Loui Abell)


Sydney producer Litche, aka Sam Litchfield, is ready to share his new single ‘Will You’ — a soft, mesmerising piece of electronica featuring the caressing falsetto of Loui Abell.

This jangly, synth layered track is the result of two genres, melding to create one lush and buoyant sound.

“This song came about when me and my friend Loui got together in June and had a jam in my bedroom studio, he came in and said that he had this vocal line stuck in his head, so we recorded some vocal ideas and some guitar riffs that Loui had, then began layering percussion samples and synths. Before we knew it we had something special that we could arrange and build upon. With Loui as a singer songwriter himself, being heavily influenced by the likes of bands such as Angus and Julia Stone and The Middle East, and myself being influenced by acts such as Gold Panda and Brutalist, we thought it would be cool to blend our sounds together.” – Litche

Litche’s talents give ‘Will You’ a palpable strength and drive, as the track tilts and twists between gentle modulations and timely variations. Combining echoey, Tycho-esque guitar riffs and crisply dispatched beats, Litche has created a faultless, ear-worm track that while humble in it’s arrangement and soundscape, is nevertheless a warm, generous track.

‘Will You’ is available now on iTunes and Spotify, and for a limited time you can also get a free download via Litche’s Soundcloud.


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