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Limbic Void – Little Boy

Limbic Void

‘Little Boy’ is the exciting new single from a Norwegian producer who goes by the name Limbic Void, and just the first taste of his upcoming debut ep, Lapdogs.

Gustav Espenes (the man behind Limbic Void) cites ‘Little Boy’ as being a turning point in his sound as he stepped away from his usual retro/synthwave style, and began experimenting with a cleaner and more distinct electro-pop direction.

“This was the first thing I wrote after having scrapped over 6 months of material made for what was supposed to be my upcoming ep. It could be described as a reboot. I got tired of the dead-end I felt stranded in, so threw everything away and even changed the software I normally use just to force myself into some new habits, and ‘Little Boy’ was the result of that first day of experimenting” – Limbic Void

Gustav kept working away on this new track idea and it didn’t take him long to start feeling that he might be onto something special – little did he know at the time that it would become the first track off the ep that he would share with the world.

An infectious electro-pop beat instantly draws you in as Limbic Void’s smooth vocals seal the deal, giving you a sense of security and calmness as you’re carried along on a bed of soft pulsing beats, warm synths and a smooth atmospheric production. 

‘Little Boy’ is available now from iTunes or on Spotify, and we can expect Limbic Void’s debut Lapdogs EP on May 12th.