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Limbic Void – Lapdogs EP

Limbic Void

Lapdog: from lap (n.) + dog (n.); figurative sense of subservient person, eager sycophant

Over the last few months, Norwegian producer Limbic Void has given us two impressive singles, ‘The Doghouse’ and ‘Little Boy’, along with promise of an upcoming debut five-track EP.

That EP has now arrived — it’s called ‘Lapdogs’, and with influences like Röyksopp,
Phoria, Flume and Robyn, we can be sure that we are in for quite a treat.

The Lapdogs project has actually been in the making for some time now. Limbic Void began writing the tracks back in early 2015, and after 6 months of writing he felt he wasn’t happy with the direction the tracks were taking him. He decided to scrap everything and start all over again from scratch – a decision he says he does not regret.

“The new songs came to me much more naturally, and were all written & produced in about a week or two – the theme of the EP however did not change. I was playing around with the ideas revolving around a harmless comment that stuck in my head, about how people settling down had become “domesticated” and were no longer free. Even if the comment held a certain amount of truth, I found the idea both stupid and interesting at the same time and ended up exploring the theme in almost every song I wrote.” – Limbic Void

The EP’s title-track holds what Limbic Void feels could be the most prominent line on the release: “Everybody knows that even lapdogs have to run”, indicating the loss of freedom for anyone who has commitments and responsibilities, but also toying with the illusion that all men are really wild dogs who needs to be tamed and domesticated.

“Obviously that’s not entirely true, but it’s easy to catch glimpses of it when looking at the male role in some relationships. In some cases it almost seems as if there’s a certain amount of fear involved, an uneven balance of power and a counterpart terrified of falling from grace” – Limbic Void

Lapdogs EP is available now from iTunes and Spotify, and it also comes with three complementing remixes by fellow Scandinavian producers Subsquare, Aleks Winther and Gabriel Gassi.