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LEØ – Hold On

LEØ - Hold On

‘Hold On’ is the latest single to come from a Brisbane dream-pop trio who go by the name LEØ, giving us the first taste of what we can expect from them in 2016.

Chloe Pilkington began writing an early-version of ‘Hold On’ on few years ago while still in her graduate year. A few months ago she decided to show it to the rest of the band as a potential LEØ-release, and both Callum MacDonald & Joshua Black fell in love with it instantly, eager to get into the studio and start working on it right away.

Just a few of months later LEØ finished up this new single and called it ‘Hold On’, and this week they are excited to share it with the rest of us.

Chloe’s gorgeous voice opens up with a heartfelt emotion that is felt in each word she sings. The vocals nestle against an assembly of warbling synths, whispery guitar echoes, and a steady indie-folk beat, as the song unfolds into a chorus of atmospheric, dream-pop sounds.

“When you hear Chloe singing out the chorus, you can feel how much the words really mean to her, and you can’t help but try singing along with her” – Callum MacDonald, LEØ

 ‘Hold On’ is available to download for free via LEØ‘s Soundcloud page, but only for a limited time.