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Kris Cody – Zonin’ Out (ft. Anya Siviski)

Kris Cody

Portland newcomer Kris Cody has a new track to share with us this week called ‘Zonin Out’, which features the gorgeous voice of Anya Siviski, a jazz singer out of Boston, alongside the deep backing-croon of the man himself.  

“This track grasps an emotional state of instability and a blurred mental frame of mind – the feeling of wanting to be with someone so badly, your mind’s adrift, away from physical reality….a story almost everyone goes through at some point” – Kris Cody

We can definitely expect more new tunes from Kris Cody very soon, but for now you let’s revisit this track from a few weeks ago featuring the voice of Libby Thompson, called ‘Get Away’.