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Kids At Midnight – Survival

Kids At Midnight - Survival

‘Survival’ is the stunning new single from Melbourne singer/songwriter/producer, Jane Elizabeth Hanley, the latest track to come from her solo project, Kids At Midnight.

Written and recorded in her home studio, ‘Survival’ began as a simple keyboard chord progression that had an elegant feel to it. Jane began to refine this resonating idea by adding drums and a few arpeggios, panning, mixing and playing around with various techniques and creative sound designs. As she continued her work on a bunch of other song ideas, ‘Survival’ simply stood out as one of the most honest and organic representations of the current Kids At Midnight sound.

Jane’s sweet vocal carries the listener through delicate arrangements of echoing keys and smooth thudded beats, while its lulling production gives the sense of floating through the clouds in a state of happiness and satisfaction.

“When writing ‘Survival’ I envisaged a documentary from the future where they’d found this girl who was stuck in the past, not being able to evolve like everyone else who was in this world of love. She never found love or was never able to be loved. It’s quite a personal perspective I guess, translated through a storyline of anthropological research” – Jane Hanley

You can get a free download of ‘Survival’ now via the Kids At Midnight Soundcloud page.