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JVLY – Unravel


‘Unravel’ is the impressive debut single from a Sydney-based singer, songwriter & producer called JVLY, who is giving us a nice little introduction to his chilled, atmospheric, electronic sound.

The idea for ‘Unravel’ came one day after a conversation Kayle Butler, aka JVLY, had with a friend about a bunch of things that were going on in the world at that time. This little chat made him realise how strongly he felt about certain worldly issues, and so he decided to try channelling some of this emotion into his music.

With this strong emotional drive in mind, Kayle hit the studio to get started on some new ideas. He spent quite a bit of time working on the instrumental & production side of things before he even got started on the vocals & melodies. He wanted to make sure that all of the elements in this song fused together really nicely, in the hopes of creating something that he could be really proud of – and the results speak for themselves.

JVLY‘s smooth comforting voice draws us into its world of delicate instrumentation, distant echoing synth and warm atmospheric production, as he questions what is really important in his world, and what really matters.

“Unravel was written after a conversation I had with someone about some things that were going on in the world at the time. It’s about a search for solace, capturing a strange state of mind that’s somewhere between curious and aware. It questions morality and what we place importance on as humans” – JVLY

‘Unravel’ is available now from iTunes or on Spotify, and for a limited time you can also get a free download via JVLY’s Soundcloud.