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Jason Gaffner – ‘When The Sun Goes Down’


Los Angeles artist Jason Gaffner shares his sun-drenched pop single ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, the next taste of his forthcoming EP ‘Journeys’.

With metallic synths, an ear-worm baseline and Gaffner’s soulful vocals, ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ is a track that evokes the magic of summer nights.

“I wrote ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ when I was driving on the freeway in LA and there was this crazy beautiful sunset. It really made an impact on me and I literally pulled over and started writing the song right off the freeway. It was such a powerful sunset I felt like it was almost magical outside. There’s just something about those long summer days and summer nights that make it seem like anything can happen.” – Jason Gaffner

Rather than producing a typical tropical, summer track, Gaffner has taken the surreal sight and feeling of a sunset and translated that into synths that are cosmic; soaring beyond the ordinary. The billowing drums that preface each chorus creates a strong, demanding energy, like that of an incredible sunset.

‘When The Sun Goes Down’ is available now on iTunes and Spotify, just ahead of the ‘Journeys EP’ release in January.

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