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Jason Gaffner – ‘Phantom’

This week Los Angeles Funkmeister Jason Gaffner releases an exciting new track called ‘Phantom’, the fourth and final single off his debut ‘Journeys EP’. This upbeat track rounds out the EP nicely by bringing a strong electro-soul vibe – think Daft Punk productions with a Stevie Wonder groove

Given the result of this final track, it’s amazing to know that Gaffner in fact re-wrote it three times. Ironically, version one was the winner.

“‘Phantom’ was re-written about three times and ultimately I went back to the very first version which I originally wrote for just piano and vocals. It was much slower and much more sombre. This definitely has a different vibe from the old version that I recorded.” – Jason Gaffner

The catchy chorus will have you toe-tapping along but it’s the lyrics that will captivate you even more.

“I really think the lyrics are powerful and I think that a lot of people can relate to the feelings expressed in the song. I have my own meaning associated with the song but I think it’s one of those songs that people will find their own meaning in.” – Jason Gaffner

‘Phantom’ is now available on iTunes & Spotify, along with the ‘Journeys EP’s previously released tracks. | |