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Husky – If You Want Me (ft. Kimono)

Husky - If You Want Me

Sydney house producer Husky is wrapping up the year with a chilled summery tune called ‘If You Want Me’, featuring the super seductive voice of Australian songstress Kimono, it’s also the opening-track to Husky’s recently released debut album, Break Free.

‘If You Want Me’ is an infectious slow-burner with a steady pulsing beat and a smooth synthy groove. Kimono’s voice draws you in with its sweet seductive charm as her words sing out across a bed of hypnotic beats and melodic rhythms that are then polished off with Husky’s signature feel-good summery sheen.

“I had the basic groove and synth in place for a while, but just wanted to take my time with this one, trying to maintain its simple, stripped back, easy vibe; less is more as they say. It’s such a sexy and smooth groove, with Kimono’s vocals setting the scene for a fiery encounter every man will eventually face. ‘If you want me, stride into my flames’” – Husky

‘If You Want Me’ can be found on Husky’s debut album Break Free, which is available now from iTunes and on Spotify.