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Haliia – With You Forever


‘With You Forever’ is the stunning new single from a duo out of Sydney & Hawaii, who go by the name Haliia.

The idea for ‘With You Forever’ first began in the basement of their house around 12 months ago. Sam and Djahy set up their gear and began playing around with a few ideas they both had floating around, and it didn’t take them long to realize something really special was beginning to unfold. They started playing with some interesting vocal effects (inspired by the likes of James Blake and Bon Iver), before laying down some emotional words that came straight from the heart.

‘With You Forever’ opens with a beautifully tender voice that begins to tell its story with a profound emotion that is felt in each and every word. A low ambient hum is met with a light shower of percussion that weaves its way through some delicately layered production, and slowly builds into an invigorating assembly of atmospheric sound.

“This song talks about different feelings and the struggles that come from being in a relationship. It’s also about the strong desire to be with someone no matter what” – Haliia

‘With You Forever’ is available now via iTunes and on Spotify, and for a limited time you can also get a free download via Haliia’s Soundcloud page.

Mixing by George Nicholas (of Seekae)

Artwork by Sarah Clare (