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Grand Pavilion – Roads Like Veins

Grand Pavilion - Roads Like Veins

Recently we were treated to a great new single called ‘Anywhere’ by an Aussie duo living in London, who go by the name Grand Pavilion, and this week the boys have that track’s stunning B-side, ‘Roads Like Veins’, to share with us.

“This track speaks to the intrinsic link which is formed between being born overseas, and the restless desire to travel and explore further. Fittingly we recorded parts of this song in Berlin, London and Byron Bay where we tracked live drums and recorded the three girls from Avaberee for the harmonies in the chorus and bridge.  This song was was heavily influenced by the relationships we formed when travelling through Europe – having to say goodbye to some of the people you meet when traveling can be heartbreaking” – Grand Pavilion

Both ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Roads Like Veins’ are available now from iTunes and on Spotify.