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Golden Vessel – Do You Think About Me? (ft. MTNS)

Golden Vessel

‘Do You Think About Me?’ is the exciting new single from Australian producer Golden Vessel, featuring Tom Eggert of MTNS, it is just the first taste of his upcoming debut ep.

Max Byrne (aka Golden Vessel), became a fan of MTNS back in 2013 after coming across their single, ‘Lost Track of Time’, and was actually quite excited when Tom Eggert reached out to him two years later asking if he wanted to work together on a song.

They got together in Tom’s little wooden shack off his family’s property, and started laying down some ideas, and letting the creativity flow. Max found working with Tom to be a really rewarding experience, picking up a lot just from being in the same space as him.

‘Do You Think About Me?’ was the result of these creative meetings, and Max felt it would be the ideal introduction to his 2016 debut ep.

A lush background of atmospheric synths cradle Tom Eggert’s comforting voice as Golden Vessel delicately weaves-in seamless arrangements of pulsing electronic beats, smooth percussive sounds, and soothing electronic production.

“This was an interesting song to work on because the track revolves around a synth hook, which at the time was a whole new process for me. This song is a lot of fun to perform as well, mostly because I get to play the synth hook on my homemade midi-controller” – Golden Vessel

“This song is about two people who are scared to say “I love you” – Tom Eggert

‘Do You Think About Me?’ is available now from iTunes and on Spotify, and for a limited time you get a free download via Golden Vessel‘s Soundcloud, where you’ll also find this amazing single, ‘Can’t Stay (ft. Allthingslost)’.