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Golden Vessel – Before Sleep EP

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After almost a year in the making and three very well received singles, Australian producer Golden Vessel is now really excited to share has six-track debut, Before Sleep EP.

“The title of the ep was inspired by something Abraham Tilbury said the night we were writing the EP’s title-track. We were just mucking around with a beat and we came across some sounds that really got us inspired, then Abraham says to me “I have to finish this one before sleep tonight”. That quick and thoughtless statement kind of encapsulates what this ep is all about; when you’re actually working in the same room with someone, you usually only have a day or two to get the brunt of the song done. The time restraints force you to utilize parts of your creativity together, and that limited time-frame can also work to your advantage” – Golden Vessel

Before Sleep EP contains six stunning examples of Max Byrne’s (aka Golden Vessel) sophisticated, atmospheric, electronic sound, a collection of work he has spent many hours meticulously refining. Max’s own inspiration thrives when working with other talented musicians, so it made sense for him to team up with some of his closest muso friends for his debut release – these include Lastlings, Tom Eggert of MTNS, OKBADLANDS, Abraham Tilbury (formerly Allthingslost), and Woodes.

“I made sure that every collaboration was done in person. I feel it really paints a picture of my limited time with the different people I worked with, how we interacted with each other, and how pushed each other to create such great songs. Golden Vessel was always intended to be a collaborative project and I’m super proud of both what I have created, as well as the incredibly talented people around me” – Golden Vessel

Golden Vessel’s ‘Before Sleep EP’ is available now via Bandcamp where you can choose from a selection of bonus material including; an accompanying EP artwork booklet designed by Brisbane illustrator Peter Loyd specifically for each of the EP’s tracks, a behind-the-scenes photo album, plus a bonus track called ‘After Sleep’ featuring Abraham Tilbury & OKBADLANDS.