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Glasshouse – Back To You


A new project out of Brisbane called Glasshouse shared an incredible cover of the BANKS track ‘Brain’ just a few months ago, launching themselves onto the scene in a big way, and giving us all a nice little taste of their lush indie-electro sound.

This week Glasshouse’s Dom Buckland and Corey Brown (aka Omniment) are excited to deliver their debut original release ’Back To You’, and the first single to fall from their upcoming debut ep.

‘Back To You’ came together fairly quickly once Dom & Corey achieved the ideal harmony between the vocals and their two guitars. Dom’s incredibly smooth voice comforts as it weaves throughout layers of echoing guitars, sweeping percussion, and a chorus of daydreaming, atmospheric production.

“‘Back To You’ is about that moment you realize one person in your life has become the focal point of everything you do. The dreamlike pre-chorus and bridge attempts to emulate deep and obsessive thought, the kind that almost completely drains you, leaving only desire” – Glasshouse

‘Back To You’ will be available on Wednesday, April 6th through iTunes and on Spotify, but for a limited time you can also get a free download via Glasshouse’s Soundcloud page.