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Future Love Hangover – Moving Mountains (Music Video)

Future Love Hangover - Moving Mountains

Last week Sydney producer Future Love Hangover took us on a romp through a futuristic world of fuzzy synths, jaunty electronic beats and echoing vocal showers, with his newest single, ‘Moving Mountains’.

Today we have the track’s visual accompaniment to share with, which delves deeper into the futuristic, multi-dimensional world of Future Love Hangover‘s upcoming album, Traditional Late Night Drinking; a pop-record from 30 years in the future, written for robots who wish they were humans living the past.

Prepare yourself as we journey into the dimension of colour and light.

After an intensive two-week period of writing and recording, ‘Moving Mountains’ emerged as one of the most psychedelic singles Future Love Hangover had written for the album. He teamed up with songwriter James Watkins for his assistance on the lyrics, and musician Ben Freeman for his skills on the synth.

Future Love Hangover will be documenting each step of the album’s tale with a series of self-directed videos, following his journey into the dimension of light & colour, a futuristic adventure that began in his previous album, Ecstatic Yours Truly.

To learn more about the world of Traditional Late Night Drinking, head over to THUMP for an exclusive video interview on the inter-dimensional tale.

Traditional Late Night Drinking will be seeing its official release on October 22nd.