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Flatwound – This Can Be Love


Step out onto the dance-floor and let your body move to the classic disco-house sounds of ‘‘This Can Be Love’, the brand new single from Australian duo Flatwound.

‘This Can Be Love’ was born out of Flatwound’s (Jack Prest & C.J.Soulman) mutual love for all things outer space and disco related. It’s also just the first taste of their upcoming third album, ‘This Electronic Species’.

“I really wanted to have a joyous jamming track to help celebrate our first release in a while, so I sent this groove to Jack who then nailed the lyric and vamped the chorus, before working in an angular synth-line using a skank guitar groove to create the notes…through “technology”. A few minor tweaks later and the musical answer was born. From there we decided it needed a positive name to go with it” – C.J.Soulman

‘This Can Be Love’ sees Flatwound blending the live-bass sound & style of Chic with an incredibly irresistible French disco-house groove, and a looped 90’s inspired vocal that bubbles its way throughout the track with a hypnotic grace – this track was born to be played loud.

Faltwound’s new album ‘This Electronic Species’ isn’t due out until 2017, however ‘This Can Be Love’ will be available everywhere on September 28 – until then, grab yourself a free download via Flatwound‘s soundcloud page.