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elkkle – ‘Soft Erasure’


Melbourne producer, elkkle, aka Callum Baker, releases the haunting experimental-pop track ‘Soft Erasure’ — the B-side to his first single ‘Don’t Look Down’.

With nods to Seekae and Joy Division’s Ian Curtis, ‘Soft Erasure’ is a sprawling, languid track that delicately threads jangly samples and sonic details to create an enigmatic, intriguing song.

 “Lyrically its definitely all heartbreak. But for me, to sum it up, its like getting drunk and bringing a bull into your own china shop. Then you wake up in the morning and all you can really do is say to yourself ‘dont be mad at the bull, dont be mad at yourself, just work out how to clean this up and move on’.” – elkkle

The track seems to unfold back-to-front as Baker’s smoky croon cuts across the jaunty, gossamer instrumentals that each have a life and purpose of their own — no detail is wasted.

Its hard for me to place where these sounds come from. It all came out of nowhere one day when my voice was breaking and the tone created this strange persona that I had never taken on seriously. I really liked it and so continued to build the track around this staged melancholic attitude, not knowing where it was going.” – elkkle

Like his previous track ‘Don’t Look Down’, Baker’s artistry is in filling the synthesised and metallic tracks with a melancholic pathos that renders each song raw and human. This is only the beginning for the Melbourne producer.

‘Soft Erasure’ is available now on iTunes or Spotify, and you can also grab a free download via elkkle’s Soundcloud page where you’ll also find the recently released A-side track, ‘Don’t Look Down’.

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