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Eckul – Venice (A Long Decay) (ft. Blanco Son)


This week sees the release of a great new dark-electro track called ‘Venice (A Long Decay)’ by a Melbourne producer who goes by the name Eckul, and features the voice of Sydney’s Blanco Son.

The inspiration for ‘Venice (A Long Decay)’ came from a guitarist Eckul passed playing in the streets of Venice, Italy. He enjoyed this guy’s sound so much that he recorded a few samples to remind him of this experience, and little did he know that it would be the inspiration for one of his own recordings.

When he returned home, he hit the studio with an idea that began with him the looping of one of these sampled recordings, and before too long the sample dropped out of the mix and he was on his way to creating what would be his next official single. It was just missing that crucial vocal element to help take it to the next level, and had just the person in mind to help him do it.

“Blanco Son has an amazing voice, and we’ve been meaning to work together for a little while now. I sent the idea I had over to Blanco Son, who then wrote some lyrics, came up with a melody and then also added in a few extra instruments” – Eckul

The song-writing process stopped for a little while as Eckul continued working on a few other projects. He eventually got back into the swing of this collab-track and had a few fresh new ideas he was excited to change it out with.

“Once I got back into the song I ended up changing it quite dramatically. I slowed everything down and added the dark wobbly synths to compliment Blanco Son’s crisp vocals. From there it all came together really quickly and we are both really happy with the end result” – Eckul

The track opens with the eerie sounds of Blanco Son’s voice as it float throughout Eckul’s dimly-lit arrangements of fuzzy synths, haunting percussive echoes and dark minimalistic production.

‘Venice (A Long Decay)’ is available now through Ten Hens Records and comes with two accompanying remixes by Gelido and Crowd of Ghosts.



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