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Donatachi – Neo (ft. Blair de Milo)

Donatachi – Neo (ft. Blair de Milo)

Sydney producer Donatachi (previously known as Loudun) teams up with Brisbane singer/songwriter Blair de Milo for his impressive next single, ‘Neo.’

After contacting Blair as a fan of his work, they discovered a mutual passion for 90’s R&B, and wanted to explore this further. Soon after Donatachi sent Blair de Milo a beat he had been working on which featured the Koto (a Japanese string instrument), and Blair instantly connected with the track. He started working at the lyrics and laying down some smooth R&B harmonies, which Donatachi felt complemented the track perfectly.

As the Koto strums away, an erratic thudding electronic beat paves the way for Blair de Milo’s passionate R&B croons to weave throughout Donatachi‘s impressive smooth production. Lyrically ‘Neo’ is about the age-old habit of becoming trapped in a static but comfortable state of being. It’s a reminder that you need to face your fears in order to move forward and succeed.

“Aaliyah is an icon who I have always looked up to, and her ability to blend R&B harmonies with unexpected production is something I aspired to do on this track. I used elements like arpeggiated synth harps to give the track a fresh, future sound while using traditional Koto and the sounds of a Japanese water fountain to juxtapose the ideas of past and future. The song is about being brave enough to break out from the comfort of tradition in order to grow and succeed in the future” – Donatachi

‘Neo’ is available to download for free via Donatachi‘s Soundcloud page.