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Donatachi – Bubblegum (ft. Rosebud Leach)

Monomyth - Skytree (ft. Oddeeo) (Donatachi Remix)

Sydney producer Donatachi has a wonderfully uplifting new track for us this week called ‘Bubblegum’ which features the gorgeous vocals of Melbourne songstress Rosebud Leach, and it’s sure to get heighten everyone’s mood, even if its just the tiniest bit. 

“Rosebud and I both share are deep love for bubblegum pop and wanted to do a sickly sweet, exaggerated version of the genre in this song. We wanted it to sound like Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s first dance at prom” – Donatachi

‘Bubblegum’ is seeing its release as part of the latest Sidechains Club Vol.2 compilation alongside Denzel Sterling, Monomyth, friendships and a stack of other great upcoming talents – go check out the rest of the compilation on Soundcloud or Spotify