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Commandeur – With Me

Commandeur - With Me

This week Sydney producer Commandeur is excited to share a Matt Schembri directed music video for his recent single, ‘With Me’.

“Music has a way of creating imagery in your head. When I was making this song, I tried to envision a spacey atmosphere so that the listener would feel immersed in a shimmering world. Matt Schembri did an amazing job animating a world that really compliments and furthers the depth of the song. It Allows you to experience the music in a different way. Enjoy a bit of a departure from reality!” – Commandeur

Like most of Commandeur’s music, ‘With Me’ was written and recorded at his home studio in Sydney. The original idea was written a few years ago and went through many changes over the time since, gradually evolving into something that just felt absolutely right. Commandeur teamed up with fellow producers Goodland (Joel Farland & Alex Gooden) to help polish it up with some shiny production and mixing prowess, before asking his good friend Kristy Peters (aka KLP), to help bring the track to life with lyrics and melodies.

A glistening synth builds into a chorus of atmospheric awareness with distant vocal echoes and subtle electronic beats. Commandeur’s smooth comforting voice begins to sing its words of reassurance and love, as it moves gracefully through an enchanting world of hypnotic electronic sounds, twinkling synths and showering vocal echoes.

Commandeur is known around the Australian music scene as one of the founding members of the late Operator Please, as well as being the current touring drummer for Triple J’s KLP and Future Classic signee, Panama.

‘With Me’ is available now from iTunes and on Spotify, and for a limited time you can get a free download via Commandeur‘s Soundcloud page.