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Close Counters – Self-titled EP

Close Counters EP

From Tasmania, Australia comes the exciting self-titled debut EP from a 17 and 19 year old electronic/future-beat duo, who are calling themselves Close Counters.

Inspired by the sounds of Disclosure, Flying Lotus and Hermitude, Close Counters have spent the last few months experimenting with a variety of dynamic sampling, analog synthesizers and a diverse assortment of melodic sounds.

The Close Counters EP showcases three outstanding original recordings; ‘Fluctuate’ featuring Tasmanian vocalistBrooke Jones, ‘Don’t Run Away,’ and ‘Can’t Complain’ featuring Tasmanian rapper, Promise.

Taking up the fourth position on the EP is a Close Counters remix of a track called ‘Blood,’ originally recorded by a Tasmanian indie-rock band known as LEWES.