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cln – Owls


In the wake of his incredible 2015 Found EP, Aussie producer cln returns this week with a brand single called ‘Owls’, giving us just a very small taste of what he has in-store for us over the coming months.

Callan Alexander (aka cln) continues to impress and amaze which each piece of music he creates. His diverse style and sound is enhanced by his incredible vocal abilities, and his production has a certain sophistication and finesse that is not easy to compare.

‘Owls’ is pure evidence to all of this as cln warps, samples and weaves his smooth brooding voice into multiple layers of twinkling percussion, echoing synths and orchestral rhythms, as his driving electronic beats and impeccable production wash over you with a stunning atmospheric grace.

“Life can get really busy. It’s very easy to stress, and get worked up about things that aren’t really that important. Your mind gets to a point where it has too many things to worry about, and as a result you don’t have time to just sit back and be happy with what you have. This song isn’t really about any particular experience that I’ve had, it’s more just intended to reflect on that moment where you realise that you are completely overwhelmed by your own thoughts” – cln

‘Owls’ is available now from iTunes and Spotify, or you can also grab a free download via cln‘s Soundcloud.

cln will be performing his first US show in September when he supports The Chainsmokers at their sold-out Red Rocks show in Denver, before heading back later in 2016 for a longer run of of shows – there’ll be more details on this over the coming months