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Arona Mane – 2096:Retro/Future

Arona Mane -

Arona Mane is a Sydney-based artist who combines elements of funk, soul and hip-hop styles to create his own blend of future-funk electronica, and this week he is excited to share his latest project, 2096:Retro/Future.

It’s bigger than an EP but not quite an album, so he’s calling it a mixtape which showcases a ten-track collection of Arona Mane originals, a few collaborations (w/Thandi Phoenix, Miracle), plus a couple of bootlegs (Nas), and some sanctioned remixes (Major Lazer & Tate Kobang).

The main inspiration for the 2096:Retro/Future mixtape comes from Arona Mane’s hip-hop upbringing. He’s created an impressive catalogue of Future-Funk/Hip-Hop/Soul/Electronic tunes that will play on everyone’s love for the classic 90’s hip-hop sound, while also offering up something fresh and unique that is a clear stand-out in today’s modern world of electronic music.

““2096 refers to bringing the golden age of hip-hop into the future. ‘96 is widely regarded as the best year in hip-hop, which saw the release of some of the now classic albums from Jay Z, The Fugees, Snoop, 2Pac, Nas, Outkast and The Roots.

Musing these greats, I wanted to present an actual body of work very early on, in an effort to introduce my sound in a bigger way. The electronic music scene is generally dominated by artists who release single after single, which is cool, but since I was a kid, I’ve always fallen in love with artists because of their albums as a whole – I want to deliver that feeling with my music” – Arona Mane

2096:Retro/Future is just a small taste of what Arona Mane has planned over the next 12 months, and you can get a free download of it now with through Between Music.