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AR Ferdinand – Vespucci Beach (ft. Carlos Neda & Josh Oleo)

AR Ferdinand

‘Vespucci Beach‘ is the glorious new single from El Salvadorian producer AR Ferdinand, which has him working with fellow Salvadorians Carlos Neda and Josh Oleo to help deliver the song’s warm uplifting sounds.

Fernando Arroyo, aka AR Ferdinand, first started working on this particular song around three years ago, just after graduating from High School.

“Me and my friend Diego Baraona (of 3 Piece Meal) got together one day for a bit of a jam with no real intentions in mind. Before long Diego came up with a guitar riff that I started working drums & bass to, and almost straight away we knew we had something really special going on.” – AR Ferdinand

Fernando kept working at this idea for quite sometime until he was certain it was the best interpretation of what he wanted this song to be. Fernando then teamed up with his friends Carlos Neda (wrote & sings the verses) and Josh Oleo (wrote & sings the chorus) to help out with the lyrics and melodies, and from there the track just kept getting stronger in complexity and design.

‘Vespucci Beach’ opens with a dreamy guitar strum and the strong complimenting voices of Carlos Neda and Josh Oleo. As the song continues to build we’re carried away on a wave of smooth summery beats, warm cruisey bass and infectious tropical-island grooves.

“’Vespucci Beach’ takes the name of a very famous beach in GTA V, clearly inspired by Venice Beach, which is one of the places I hope to visit. The song features four Salvadorans, it was recorded in a few studios in San Salvador, and I think it shows a whole other side as to what people consider talent here in my country, a better one.” – AR Ferdinand

‘Vespucci Beach’ is available now through Surfin Wavs Records.


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