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Akurei – ‘Hinterland’

Some of you may know Brisbane musician Connor Grant from his previous project Whisperer (he also plays as part of Golden Vessel’s live-show), but today he debuts a new music project he’s calling, Akurei.

The first release for this electronic artist is ‘Hinterland’, a beautiful score of chilled atmospheric electronica with smooth R&B vibes and warm vocal stylings.

Given Akurei’s strong history with bands, it’s nice for him to stretch his legs and take full control of all aspects to this track. As the lyrics suggest, it is quite a personal release.

“Hinterland is about finding a space to reflect. I’m inclined to ruminate, so this song is about the decision to go outside, take a walk and stop sitting with my thoughts,” Akurei said.

‘Hinterland’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & iTunes / Apple Music.  | |