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Akurei – ‘Floating’ (ft. Nico Ghost)

Brisbane artist Akurei has teamed up with rapper Nico Ghost on a dreamy new track filled with electronic-R&B vibes.

‘Floating’ is the first collaboration between the pair, and it has certainly been a long time coming.

“Nico has been a been friend of mine since we were 16. We both grew up on the Gold Coast and met each other playing music. I’ve followed and loved his work since he started releasing music as Nico Ghost. We’ve had a few conversations about working together, but ‘Floating’ is the first time we actually made it happen. I’m really happy with the everything he’s brought to the track,” Akurei said.

The track was written about a restless night seeking closure and clarity, and given it came in the early hours of the morning, it does have that sense of being a modern day lullaby.

“Floating is a song about trying to fall asleep after waking in the middle of the night. Lyrically, it covers a sleepless night trying to find some form of closure or clarity,” he said.

The beat production is spongy and melodic, and the soft layers that build with the track are the genius of producer and good friend Max Byrne, aka Golden Vessel.

“I worked on the song with Max (Golden Vessel) while he lived with me for two months. It was really fun because we were living together and hanging out almost every day. We mainly ate a lot of Hummus and watched a lot of ‘Peep Show’ but we did manage to put this track together,” he said.

Vocally, this is a step in a new direction for Akurei as he explores a richer R&B feel. Balanced with Nico Ghost’s edgy raps and the seduction shines through.

Akurei is an artist you need to see and hear live but in the meantime, stream ‘Floating’ on Spotify & iTunes, and while you’re there be sure to catch up on his recent debut single, ‘Hinterland’.

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