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Abraham Tilbury – Morphine

Abraham Tilbury

‘Morphine’ is the stunning new single from Australian producer Abraham Tilbury, (formerly known as Allthingslost), and it’s also just the first taste of his upcoming ‘Knife EP’.

Abraham has been making music under the Allthingslost moniker for around 3 years now, and after moving from Brisbane to Melbourne a few months ago, he felt it was time for a project rebranding as he continues to build his name as a formidable musician, singer and songwriter.

‘‘’Morphine’ was first conceived during a writing session in Brisbane last year whilst recording a bunch of acoustic piano ideas from another project with Fionn Richards. I quickly commandeered an acoustic piano snippet from this session and wrote a song talking about dependence in relationships and learning to be comfortable with myself. It wasn’t until moving that I was able to start breaking down these ideas, and with a newfound focus and the help of close friends, I was able to finish the song and create something I am really happy with.” – Abraham Tilbury

Abraham’s stunning voice draws you into its warm embrace as he sets the scene with delicate instrumentation, beautifully chilled piano arrangements and euphoric atmospheric production.

‘Morphine’ is available now from iTunes and on Spotify, and for a limited time you can pick up a free download via Abraham’s BandCamp page.