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Shoffy – Can’t Go Back (✘ Remix)

Shoffy - Can't Go Back (✘ Remix)

LA singer/songwriter Shoffy is taking us back to his 2014 debut single ‘Can’t Go Back’ with a very new remix by a very talented friend who wishes to remain anonymous, so Shoffy is calling him ✘.

“Cant Go Back’ is a song I wrote in a dorm room at USC and it still really resonates with me. I think this interpretation that my friend has done breathes life back into it, and gives it a cool, dark, ambient vibe. The artwork is actually a photo I took on a trip to Yosemite recently, taken right outside our camp tent. It’s really beautiful up there, and for me the vibe of that picture matches the song really well” – Shoffy

Here’s the original version of ‘Can’t Go Back’ for comparison – it certainly hasn’t lost its charm