Benji Lewis

Name: Benji Lewis
Location: Melbourne / Los Angeles
Style: Pop, Electronic, Chill
InfluencesMatt Corby, James Blake, Eva Cassidy, Adele, Sade & Jeff Buckley

With a voice that can be likened to that of Sam Smith and Troye Sivan, Australian singer/songwriter Benji Lewis is cultivating an impressively unique sound & style, as he creates these lush landscapes of warm & dreamy, chilled & atmospheric, electro-pop sounds.

In February 2017 Benji released his breakthrough single ‘Drift’ which was co-written & produced by his management roster buddy Golden Vessel. This track set the scene for Benji’s emotionally driven seven-track sophomore ep, ‘Home For Now’, which has collected over 20 million streams worldwide, and has taken Benji to more places than he could have imagined.

“I remember being so excited to finally release that ep because I was so proud of what I had created. I still am today. It was all so personal but it made me so happy to see and hear that other people began to really connect with what I was feeling and the music I was creating.” says Benji

Benji took a quick trip to Los Angeles in late 2017 to visit his sister, and while there he set up a writing session with local songstress TRACE and her producer Mike Derenzo (of EXES). This session resulted in Benji’s first post-ep single ‘Never Mine’ and once again Benji went far & beyond all expectations with its smooth & emotionally captivating vocals, and its dreamy, intoxicating production.

“This session with Trace & Mike happened so naturally, and it was exactly what I needed at the time. I wasn’t having the best time with love, and they helped me get it all out in this beautiful song we created. Every emotion, every thought I was having, we gave it to this song. Mike created the perfect chords and later production to set the mood, and Trace is such a great writer, we just got each other, no barriers or walls – she helped me tell the story how it should be told, start to finish, completely honest and raw.” says Benji

In early 2018 Benji revealed his next single ‘DEEP BLUE’, the first taste of his forthcoming third ep, ‘Together Apart’, which will be seeing its release over the coming months, following second single ‘Us Again’ in June.

‘DEEP BLUE’ came just ahead of Benji’s trip to Austin, Texas, for one of the world’s largest music showcases & conferences, SXSW. He was invited to perform four shows across four days which included a very intimate performance at St. David’s Episcopal Church, awarding him with an experience he will never forget.

“SXSW was a crazy experience for me, with a show nearly every day. I had a lot of fun, but having people feel what you are giving when you sing and really connect with you is an incredible thing. It was so nice to meet some of my fans who came to the shows as well.” says Benji

After finishing up in Austin, Benji relocated to Los Angeles and begun making plans for the release of his third ep ‘Together Apart’. That ep has since received much praise and attention from all around the world and has collected over 3 million streams on Spotify alone.

Benji also took a quick trip over to Europe in mid-2018 for a few writing sessions and his latest single ‘Ride’ is the first taste in a collection of singles that he plans to roll out over the next few months.

Stay tuned…

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