Welcome to Mammal Sounds; a boutique record label, management & publicity agency. 

Mammal Sounds started out as a management agency back in 2013, looking after Melbourne duo Back Back Forward Punch (currently on hiatus) and Sydney duo Midnight Pool Party. Over the next few years two Brisbane artists CLN and Golden Vessel joined our little family, and were soon followed by Melbourne singer/songwriter Benji Lewis in early 2016.

During this time Mammal Sounds also started offering its unique publicity services to artists outside the management roster, as we continued to build on our reputation as a tastemaker for discovering great musical talents from around the world. Our main goal is to help artists reach their full potential with each & every release, while also continuing to expand our global network of Music Blogs/Websites & Online Magazines, Radio Station Presenters & Music Directors, YouTube Channels, and Spotify & Apple Music Playlist Curators.

None of this would have been possible without Australian music news website Acid Stag, which is where my passion for discovering, sharing and helping artists share their music all began. Through Acid Stag I’ve built a credible reputation around the world for being a leading supporter of great upcoming talent, with a strong focus on the quality of the music, and on what I could do to help each artist expand & grow.  

In June 2018 another long-time goal of mine came to life with the launch of Mammal Sounds Records. The main goal of the label is to get further involved in the music I am already working with, but instead of directing people elsewhere for their distribution, I can now also offer that service, keeping the entire release process in-house. I am very excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for myself, and the artists that join our little family along the way.

If you have any questions about the Mammal Sounds management roster, label releases or publicity services, feel free to get in touch via the email address below.