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Benji Lewis

Name: Benji Lewis
Location: Melbourne, Australia
StyleElectronic, Chill, Ambient
InfluencesMatt Corby, James Blake, Gnash, Lapsley

Benji Lewis is a singer/songwriter out of Melbourne who grew up in an Italian family surrounded by many different forms of music; both of his parents were singers in their younger years, his mum was a lover of the ballads, his dad a fan of the classics, his sisters had a strong attraction to RnB and his brother was into rock. Benji’s family saw that he had an incredible natural talent, and encouraged his passion for music and singing from an early age right through until today.

“When I was in my later teens, I found myself drawn to the emotion and beauty in acoustic music. Whether it was some piano or an acoustic guitar with a vocal part, I just loved the emotion and beauty it could sometimes bring, and how it could sweep you up and take you somewhere else entirely” – Benji Lewis

When it came to writing his own music, Benji wanted to bring the emotion, feeling and beauty from that style to the electronic music of today, drawing inspiration from James Blake as the direction of where he wanted his sound & style to go.

In March 2016, Benji Lewis released his debut Hearts & Halos EP, showcasing a stunning four-track collection of songs he wrote and recorded with Jan Skubiszewski and MSquared Productions. The ep’s tracks were written in the dark months after Benji’s mother lost her battle with cancer in 2012, and this heartfelt emotion can be heard in each and every word he sings – and in such a beautifully powerful way too

“My mum always believed in me and what I was doing with my singing and music, and since loosing her I have become even more focused, determined and driven to go as far as I possibly can with it” – Benji Lewis

Off the back of Benji’s Hearts & Halos EP, he signed with music artist management agency Mammal Sounds, and is now eager and excited about moving into the next phase of his career. He’s hoping to be able to work with a variety of producers from all across the globe, and he’s excited to learn more about the intricacies of the music industry as he continues to evolve his sound with each new project.

“I hope to work with people who can help create music that means something, music that makes people feel something” – Benji Lewis

Over the coming months Benji will begin working on a bunch of new original material, we can expect to hear his voice featuring on new releases with French producer Tigerz, as well as American producer Fransis Derelle, and he’s also planning a writing/collaborating trip to Los Angeles in August, so f you’re based in LA (or anywhere in the world for that matter) and are interested in working with Benji, feel free to get in touch!

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Benji Lewis is open to discussing all types of Top-Line & Vocal collaborations – please send all enquiries to: